Colour economics

I currently have no other criteria to base my buying decision on other than aesthetic. This does, however, still require some considered thought. No-one wants to look like a shrinking violet at the start of a race. I need something that says ‘I’ve got new wheels and I know how to ride them!’

Couple of initial thoughts: there’s definitely no room for flowers on the frame; too girlie, and it can’t be pink; will definitely look like I’ve based my decision on colour, but nothing too masculine; at the risk of losing all femininity from cycling especially since it would appear as a female I’m in the minority – according to Breeze three times more men than women ride bikes.

Luckily I’m eligible for a bike and all the gear through the government’s Bike2Work scheme saving me up to 42% and I can pay out my salary over 12 months – I would have done this sooner had I known. I started looking online at what was available from some of the bigger retailers; Evans Cycles was someone I’d heard of before now so went there first. It was good to get an understanding of how much bang I’ll get for my buck and how much the accessories cost – a vital component for any serious cyclist.

Here are a few contenders:

My favourite after popping into Cycles UK last weekend is the Cannondale, but it was only my first shop and in true female style I will look at, try on, and revisit several more shops before making my final decision – and no doubt go with something completely different.


I’m in!

I’ve just found out I’ve secured a place in the inaugural RideLondon100, I see a couple of obvious problems – 1, I don’t have a bike, 2, I’ve never competed in a ‘sportive’ event, and 3, I’ve only got seven months to get ‘race-ready’. So to help me maintain my momentum  I’ll be blogging about the ups and downs that I face on my journey and hopefully find a community of other cyclist, sportsmen, and generally interesting people to help me along the way. This really is a journey from start to the finish-line. First things first, I’m going to need some wheels and that means shopping – we’re off to a good start!

Post one, done. It’s all uphill from here!